Finger Point

Be the sociopath from hell you know you can be! Never apologize, under any circumstances

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Punish Often

This country wasn't built on "niceness" it was built on cruelty and swift action to crush the souls of everyone who disagreed with you!

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Are available for top enslavement & indentured servitude methods

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Merry Christmas

Guess who just got the jelly of the month club? Lucky you still have a job. Management should take the holiday season to instill fear in all employees so they don’t slack from November to February. Be sure to let people know the numbers aren’t that great and bonus money is not here this year. This doesn’t apply to you a [...]

Engage, Listen, Retaliate

Companies and managers these days are following a doctrine of “listening” to employee gripes about all the shit that’s wrong with their company. They do this in order to help shape the corporate culture to a more employee centric environment or some other bullshit hippie fantasy land in which job satisfaction is higher leadi [...]

Death of an underling

Doesn’t it suck when HR gets all bent out of shape just because you asked your employee to work hard? I asked john nicely to work on Saturday and Sunday it is not my fault he didn’t have the wherewithal to escape the room I locked him in. People are such sissies when it comes to sacrificing their lives for the company. Come on, ca [...]